Quick Look to the Basic Tips to Smoke a Turkey Like a Pro

Who does not love turkey? Smoked, roasted, deep fried or grilled, turkey is absolute paradise. It is emerging as a globally famous cuisine and is equally favored by people just as they prefer pork, chicken or beef, in fact, more.

There are countless restaurants that specialize in cooking and serving turkey recipes, but if you want to make the perfect smoked turkey right at your kitchen, the following tips will definitely help you. From dressing, stuffing to using the best wood for smoking turkey, every detail needs to be considered when you want to end up serving a plate of delicious smoked turkey like a boss!

1. Do the cooking based on temperature and not duration

So the first wise move to perfection is to cook the pieces of turkey or whole turkey based on the heat and not the time duration. Sometimes, when you tend to cook based on a particular time, the meat might not get the level of softness and moistness that it needs.

Also, factors like frozen or fresh, whole turkey or pieces, white turkey meat or dark turkey meat affect the cooking style. So it’s best to choose the most suitable temperature according to the meat you are preparing practically by yourself. If you think that it is not done in one round, simply go for another and test again.

2. Use the right wood to smoke the turkey

Smoked turkey is one of the most delicious dishes ever that no one can deny. It is a process where the meat absorbs its smoky flavor from the wood it is being smoldered on. However, you need to particular about the wood selection process.

When you are smoking a turkey, going for a lighter flavor of wood that comes from vegetable or fruit trees will be the best. There is no hard and fast best wood for smoking turkey, but you can surely experiment with pecan, nectarine, peach, maple or cherry wood. It mainly depends on what scent and flavor you personally prefer.

3. Keep a digital thermometer handy

This is a biggy and is a smart idea to smoke your meat like a pro. You do not have to keep your smoker wide open for long and you can clearly read the temperature to make the best out of the cooking. So whenever you are using this thermometer, try to test the thickest part of the turkey piece to get a more accurate estimation.

4. Focus on seasoning the bird

Seasoning is not just meant for adding taste to the dish but it also affects the meat smoking process significantly. So, make sure that you use the right herbs and dress the seasoning in 5the right way. Citrus herbs are the best choice when it comes to smoking turkey meat.

One of the things that many forget to do which leaves the smoking process incomplete is applying the dressing underneath the skin of the meat. Dressing the turkey all over appropriately with a mix of tasty herbs will add more softness to the meat.

5. Grab a roasting pan to enjoy the juices and gravies later

Well, the fluid that is secreted from the meat while it is being smoked holds a lot of importance when it comes to capturing the right flavor. What you can do is simply use a roasting pan to collect all the gravies and modify it later.

Some people also choose to smoke the turkey right on the grill rack to add a crispy layer to the skin. Also, consider the resting hour after cooking. Let it be at least for thirty minutes as it will help keep the meat juices more or less intact and it will not spill while you slice the meat.

Lastly, try to use fresh turkey if you have an option and the best wood for smoking turkey as this will give the best taste to your dish. Choosing the best meat and wood will depend on what flavor or taste your diners will prefer.

If you have a vague idea about what they might like, it will be easier for you to pick the wood combination and the type of turkey meat. So, go ahead and wear those gloves to enjoy the best-smoked turkey ever this time and earn some cool compliments from your guests!

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