The Delta Heat Gas Grill 32-Inch Built-In 2021 Reviews

Your search for the best gas grill is never going to be easy. There is a plethora of options available, each with their own claim to fame. As a well-informed buyer.

However, do not make a decision in haste. If you need a helping hand, read the rest of this Delta Heat Gas Grill 32-Inch Built-In review to know more about one of the top-rated products that should be on your radar.

Delta Heat Built-in Grill with Infrared Rotisserie and Sear Zone (DHBQ32RS-C-N), 32-Inch, Natural Gas

Main Product Features

Let us start this short review with a round-up of some of the best features that you can expect in this gas grill.

18-Gauge Stainless Steel Burner

This is one of the reasons why the durability of this product is hard to rival. Even through the years, you can expect it to deliver a good performance, unlike others that can be easily prone to wear.

525 Square Inches Grilling Area

This makes an excellent choice for people who are looking for a medium-sized grill. This is inclusive of a warming rack with a total size of 174 square inches.

LED Control Panel

This is one thing that you will easily notice when you use this grill at night. The knobs are illuminated, making it effortless to control depending on the temperature that you desire. There is also an integrated light to easily see whatever it is that you are grilling.

Ceramic Briquettes

With the ceramic heat system, you can expect better heat distribution. This is great in terms of preventing hot spots and cold spots. This provides an assurance that your food will be grilled perfectly all the time.

The Good

Still not compelled to purchase this product? You might end up changing your mind after learning about the benefits that we will list down below.

Durable Construction

A good reason to love this product is its impressive construction. It is made using high-end materials to guarantee its longevity. The stainless steel construction does not make it easily prone to wear, making it a great investment.

Easy to Monitor Temperature

Another thing to love in this product is the integrated temperature gauge, which is strategically positioned in front of the grill. With this, you can easily monitor the temperature without having to lift the lid and use an external thermometer.

Easy Ignition System

A lot of gas grills can be frustrating in terms of ignition. Luckily, this isn’t one of them. It has an automatic ignition that allows you to easily start the grill.

The Bad

To be fair, let us also look at some of the drawbacks of this gas grill.

Interior Light Can Be Problematic

One thing that you might not like about this product is how the interior light can have some issues. It may quit working after a while. The good thing is that the replacement does not have to be expensive.

No Rotisserie

If you are looking for a grill that delivers versatility, this isn’t for you. One of the common complaints about this grill is how it does not come with a rear burner that can double as a rotisserie. There is also no sear zone.


In sum, the Delta Heat Gas Grill 32-Inch Built-In is an exceptional product from a reputable brand. It has impressive features and delivers a wealth of benefits, including even heat distribution and incredible construction.

Even for discerning buyers, this can prove to be an exceptional choice, although, the performance is not as powerful as what you will experience from higher-end alternatives.

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