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Ask our patrons what makes Neyzade’s Restaurant a cut above the rest and you’ll surely hear about the view, the atmosphere, the service and, most emphatically, the culinary artistry of our Chef, Paul Wahlberg.

After all, when it comes right down to it, great food makes a great restaurant – and with Chef Paul in The Kitchen, Bridgeman’s reputation for serving outstanding lunches and dinners is growing every day.

Backed with over 20 years’ experience, Paul has practiced his craft at some of the area’s finest establishments including The Charles Hotel in Cambridge and Boston’s Four Seasons among others.

Born and raised in Boston, Paul has a unique understanding of all that makes cooking in the Boston area so special, including the freshest seafood, locally grown seasonal produce, the availability of the finest specialty ingredients, and a discerning yet “culinarily-adventurous” clientele with an appetite for an exceptional dining experience.

Bridgeman’s open theater-style kitchen allows guests to watch as our chef prepares each dish with the attention to detail and flair of a craftsman at work.

For Paul, it’s all about the food and its flavor, freshness and originality. We’re betting that once you’ve dined at Neyzade’s and sampled Chef Paul’s creations, you’ll certainly agree.